Are the Heroines the same in Bluebeard and Fitcher’s Bird?

In both stories, Bluebeard and Fitcher’s Bird, each story has at least two heroines. In Bluebeard, the two heroines are Bluebeard and the young sister which is Bluebeard’s wife. In Fitcher’s Bird, the heroines are the Sorcerer and the third daughter, who later disguises herself as fitcher’s feathered bird. The heroines in both of these fairy tales are similar in many ways, but yet there are a few things that make them different from one another.

The heroines in Bluebeard are both active heroines. Although at first his wife, the young sister starts off as passive character. Once Bluebeard goes away on his trip that is when she becomes an active heroine because now all the attention is mainly focused on her and her actions. Her main action that gets the story going is when she becomes so “anxious to get into that room on the lower floor. The roles of both Bluebeard and his wife start to heat up when Bluebeard discovers that his wife has gone against his wishes and has entered the forbidden room. Bluebeard’s character is a dominant one. He becomes very infuriated at the disobedience of his wife. His wife’s character although quiet, begins to show that she is somewhat smart.  Before bluebeard is going to kill her, she begins to stall him by praying and begging him, but in reality she is waiting on her brothers to come save her. A lot of the wife’s qualities aren’t shown, we don’t know much about her, but in the end she proves to not just be a pretty face and let herself get killed.

In Fitcher’s Bird, the heroines are both active, but the only thing is that the sorcerers wife doesn’t come into the picture until about halfway through. But from the start she knows she cannot commit the same mistakes her sisters made. We know that the wife is not only beautiful, but she was also “clever and cunning”. She is clever enough not to walk around holding the egg that is not allowed to fall onto the ground; instead she “puts the egg in a safe place”. The sorcerer pretends to be a poor man to get his wife, which is something new that I have not seen in any of the other fairy tales so far. Since the wife is so smart, she out wits the sorcerer and makes him believe she has not entered the forbidden room. Now that he trusts her, she tricks him into a trap and she is the one that ends up killing him and also she saves her two other sisters.

As we can see, there are a few similarities between the heroines in Bluebeard and in Fitcher’s Bird. Both the main male characters, Bluebeard and the Sorcerer have forbidden rooms that no one is allowed to enter and if they do enter there are major consequences. And for the both female heroines in the stories, they are both beautiful, smart, and they manage to escape there terrible husbands.

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