Heroes compared but be prepared.

To begin the comparison of the two different stories, I think the morals matter the most because of the curiosity of the women. I know, since it is a fairy tale there has to be heroes but if the women in both stories decided to listen at the beginning instead of satisfying themselves in finding out what was going on in the hidden room, there would not need to be a hero.

Like most happy endings though, someone comes to save the day.

Bluebeard made sure to satisfy his women with whatever pleasures they insisted. His only problem was to not to go into the forbidden chamber. The younger of the two sisters in the story decided to go inside the room while Bluebeard was gone. After dropping the key and creating a blood stain on it, he knew where she had been. He gave her fifteen minutes to say her prayers before death but instead she asked Sister Anne where her brothers were and if they were on their way. Finally after a while, Sister Anne  spotted the two horsemen. Once Bluebeard was ready to chop her head off, the brothers barged in and put their swords through Bluebeard before he could do the same to their sister. The brothers of Bluebeard’s wife became the heroes in the story quickly.

The comparison of Fitcher’s Bird comes into play when a sorcerer decides to try and find a wife of his own. Once again, sisters come into play. All three are stubborn and the first two end up getting chopped up because they entered the sorcerer’s forbidden room. Even though the curiosity got the better of the last sister, she was much more clever. She decided to put the egg in a safe place before entering the room to see her sisters had been chopped up. Gathering all the body parts, the two others came back to life. Once the sorcerer returned home he was asked to go back out. Little did he know he was carrying the sisters with him. While a decorated skull was in the window, he thought it was his wife of course. He came home again, thinking nothing of it but was burnt to death along with his crew by the brothers of the three sisters.

In these two stories, the brothers play a major role in becoming the heroes. They save their sister’s lives and are even rewarded in Bluebeard with commission. We do not find much out about the brothers in Fitcher’s Bird but they still come in and become heroines while we know the two in Bluebeard are a musketeer and a dragoon. It shows a moral to take care of your siblings and know matter if you find it being a bad decision on their part or not, you still have to be supportive and make the right decision for your family at the end of the day. Maybe you’ll become a hero.

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