Prepare to Die

In both, Perrault’s “Bluebeard” and Grimm’s “ Fitcher’s Bird”, the heroines of the tale both proved to be clever and fast on their feet when it came to making their own decisions about getting out of a problem that they originally created. Perrault’s “Bluebeard” showed a woman who was curious to see what she would find in a forbidden room that she was not allowed to enter without facing an unknowingly horrifying punishment. When her husband left her for urgent business he gave her strict directions that she could throw parties, take guests out to the other houses in the country, and go into any room that she desired except for the room on the lower level all the way down the hall. He told if he ever found out that she even cracked open the door to see what was inside that there would be a horrible punishment to follow. This same plot was seen in “Fitcher’s Bird” when the man leaves the girl in the house and not only gives her a key but also an egg to carry around with her and to not damage it. The only difference is that there are three girls in this tale instead of one where in the end the last girl ends up being the heroine and sharing the same characteristics as the heroine in the first story. Both of these girls use their brains to think up plans to avoid the terrible fate of the death. Perrault’s heroine stalls for time in the tale by telling the blue bearded man that she needed more time before she was put to death. She calls upon her sister to see if her brothers have come yet and to tell them to hurry when she does see them. Time passes and no sign for the brothers coming is seen. Finally, the blue bearded man is so enraged that he is screaming at her to come down and she listens, but begs for more time before he kills her. He denies her request and right before he kills her, her brothers come in and save the day. The heroine in “Fitcher’s Bird” takes a different approach of finding out what happens in the forbidden room and using extra caution with the egg and key as she enters. What she finds is her sisters all chopped up into pieces and she assembles them back together and give them life. She then devices a smart plan to get rid of the evil sorcerer by getting her sisters to safety and then herself. Both the girls are seen as active heroines because they both use their heads to go out and save themselves from their horrible fate. Perrault’s heroine was smart in remembering that her brothers were coming to visit and to stall time in hopes of knowing that they would come to her rescue and kill the blue bearded man. Grimm’s heroine used her mind and clever ideas to save not only herself but her sisters as well and too also kill off the sorcerer and his whole crew. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of us and sometimes we aren’t going to be as lucky as those girls were in the stories. The both saved themselves and got out of bad situations before it was too late.

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