Unlocking the Egg

In Bluebeard’s Egg, Fitcher’s Bird, and Bluebeard, the egg and the key given to the characters had meanings of infidelity and sexual curiosity. In Perrault’s story each sister was given the keys to the house. These keys represented the women’s virginity. The first two sister’s could not prevent their curiosity to get the better of them, opening the forbidden room. This is similar to a women flirting and exploring her own sexuality. Because Bluebeard asked the women not to open the room, this meant that they were not faithful to their husband, and therefore had to be punished for their infidelity. The key could not be cleansed because once virginity is lost it is not something that can be taken back. The blood on the key could also have been a sign of guilt which the women were full of when Bluebeard had come back home. In Fitcher’s Bird, it is the same situation, but the egg is added. The egg is dropped by the sister, which is her maturing, but in this story it leads to punishment. In Bluebeards Egg, Sally is a little different from the sisters. She knows that if she was too curious, she might find out something that she wished she had not. She says “The puzzle is Ed. If she should ever solve it, if she should ever fir the last cold splinter into place, the house will melt and flow away down the hill, and then…)” (Atwood 170). Sally has desires to find out everything about Ed, and where their life is going, but she knows there could be consequences so she stops herself from those thoughts, or opening that chamber, unlike the sisters in the other stories. these stories all have morals, having to do with women being married, and faithful. it also has to do with the curiosity of women and like the saying, “curiosity killed the cat”,  it can be true to these stories. the stories seem to say that women should not look into their sexual desires and hide their feelings. they should be faithful to their husbands and do as they say. If they decide to look into the room, or explore their sexuality, they will regret it, and they cannot take back the mistake that they made.

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