Bilbo’s Heart of Gold

Greed becomes a dominant trait in the dwarves when they nominate Bilbo to and become a burglar to steal treasure from the dragon Smaug. Bilbo gladly accepts the challenge and slips on his ring to go into the dragon’s lair. Bilbo’s accepting of this offer shows that he is taking the initiative to show off his newfound characteristics that he has gained from being on this journey with the dwarves. He has gained the ability to be courageous, clever, and heroic. He shows to be courageous when he goes to the dragon and succeeds in taking a golden cup. Normally, Bilbo would not have normally done something like this and would have been too afraid to even consider being the burglar.  He then goes back into the lair one more time to try his luck and take more things from the dragon. He slips on his ring and the dragon knows that he is there because he can smell him. Bilbo then uses his cunning and clever tactics to keep the dragon from killing him by answering the dragon in riddles. From the riddles that Bilbo says to the dragon, the dragon figures out that Bilbo and the dwarves are linked to the men of Lake Town. The outcome of this is the dragon dying because he goes down to kill the men of Lake Town to protect his treasures and it ends up backfiring on his part. The dwarves then regained the “lost gold” and become overwhelmed with greed that it almost sparks a war between the three races: dwarves, elves, and men. Bilbo saw this as a horrible thing because he wanted to help the dwarves in the purpose of regaining their gold from the dragon but instead it sparked conflict between the races and Bilbo didn’t see that as right so he stepped in and took action. He ended up settling peace throughout the races without a fight by giving everyone a fair share of the wealth that they could all agree on.  Thorin received the Arkenstone while the rest received their fair share of the gold. Bilbo was brave and courageous in his act because he was going against his own company to try and settle peace and it worked in his favor. Everyone was at peace again and all was right in Middle Earth.


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