From Invisible to Invincible

Throughout the story Bilbo develops and changes so much during his adventure with the dwarves. In the beginning Bilbo was more worried about his home and his possessions than the adventure, but in the end he realized there was more to life and himself than the things he thought were important. In the book it says, “Already he was a very different hobbit from the one that had run out without a pocket-handkerchief from Bag-End long ago.” (232) This passage shows that others had noticed the change that Bilbo had gone through, for it was a significant one.

Bilbo’s title was a burglar, but the dwarves did not see that and they did not understand why Gandalf had chosen him of all people. To the dwarves, Bilbo was just a burden. They always had to carry him and feed, which is something they did not like. It took some time for Bilbo to prove to them and himself that he really did belong on this adventure. It is pretty obvious that Bilbo’s courage and strength did not build up until after he had found the ring. The sense of being invisible made him feel invincible.



When Bilbo defeats the spiders, he does it while he is invisible because he has the ring on. Although at first he hesitates because he is not sure whether or not he should reveal the existence of the ring to the dwarves, but at the same time he has to in order to save them. While he has the ring on, he feels more powerful. I’m sure that since he is a hobbit, and as we know hobbits are quite small compared to the other creatures in the story, I’m sure that he might get intimidated sometimes and I’m sure others don’t see him as a challenge, so while the ring is on, it might make him feel like he a whole other person, one that is not afraid to step up and defend his friends and defeat others.

After Bilbo defeats the spiders, the change in him is clearer. He feels a sense of empowerment that no one can take away and the dwarves see him as another person as well. Bilbo definitely matures throughout the story. In t end, I feel as if he is seen as a real man. He has gone out and experienced the real world, he had the courage to step out of his hobbit hole and take on a big life changing adventure that had its ups and downs, but in the end it was worth it. He transformed into a new person, someone like his ancestors.


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