Treasure and Wealth: The main priority

Treasure and wealth is the main focus in “The Hobbit”.  It is what the voyage and adventure is for.  Gandalf wanted Bilbo to become the burglar and he does just that.  In fact, Bilbo does do what he is assigned but does not care for the treasure as much as others.  The dwarves are after the treasure from Smaug.  As well as Thorin’s relatives, the goblins, Wargs, and man.  Thorin believes it belongs to him because it was in the family until Smaug killed Thror.  The goblins and Wargs want the treasure to become wealthy.  It becomes so significant to them, they end up fighting for the treasure once they hear Smaug has been killed by Bard of Lake Town.  Bard has wanted the treasure and wants an agreement with Thorin to share it.  Since Thorin does not accept the offer, Bilbo decides to give the Arkenstone to Bard.

Since Bilbo was rewarded with his fair share, he decided to take what Thorin wanted the most.  This is an act where one of the characters stays immune to the treasure.  Bilbo shows how it is not of importance to him when he gives the Arkenstone away.  Once the Battle of Five Armies is over, Bilbo is then granted treasure from Bard.  Gandalf is also another character who shows no affection towards the treasure.  He fights off the Necromancer in order for him to not enter the forest and give the dwarves a higher chance in receiving the treausure.  Beorn also does not care for any wealth.  Since he is great friends with Gandalf, he knows what the dwarves are in search for.  He does help in many ways, like Gandalf but does not ask for any of the gold.  The same goes for the eagles who helped throughout the novel in order for the dwarves to be safe.  They played the key role in helping kill the goblins and Wargs but had never asked for any wealth.

Smaug did have the treasure and was in control of it.  It does not seem to be beneficial in the end though for the dwarves once they receive it.  In one of the harmful ways, the dwarves lose dear friends.  Fili, Kili, and Thorin all die from the fight with the goblins and Wargs.  In the end, it was not as beneficial as the dwarves had hoped.  They did not expect on losing anyone on the voyage and Thorin was their main leader.  Even though Thorin did take the treasure out of Smaug’s possession, he did not insist on dying.  He fought for what he thought would be beneficial but turned out to be not so much for himself.

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