Ideally It Would Always be Spring

When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy enter the world of Narnia, they open their eyes to an alternative universe where animals have the ability to speak, a half jinn half giant rules the land, and the battle between good and evil is easily defined. This war creates not only a vertical racial hierarchy that ascends and descends based on intelligence or wisdom but a horizontal plotting of characters as to how good or evil their character is. Aslan would be plotted on the far left as the ideal good and the White Witch on the far right as the ideal evil.

Going from Aslan, the next truly good being in Narnia would be the Daughters of Even, Lucy and then Susan followed by the Sons of Adam, Peter then Edmund. This would be because, as Father Christmas explained to Susan when giving her the bow and arrows, “’You must use the bow only in great need’” and then to Lucy when presenting her with a small dagger, “And the dagger is to defend yourself at great need. For you also are not to be in the battle’” (Lewis 118, 119). In this way they do not become involved with the slaying of enemies which means they are superior to the Sons of Adam in goodness. Edmund is inferior to Peter only because of his initial betrayal when he first entered Narnia. Next would come all of the good animals, trees, dwarfs, giants, satyrs, dryads and the like. All of these creatures had their choice and watched some of their kind side with the White Witch which brings us over the neutral line between good and evil.

On the opposite side are the evil trees and dwarfs, werewolves ogres, wolves, Hags, Wraiths, Sprites, Ettins and other horrible creatures. Once the children take their rightful place as Kings and Queens of Narnia they saw to it that “all that foul brood was stamped out” (Lewis 200). This shows that these creatures were almost as bad as the Witch herself; they contained no love in their hearts and did not have the potential or the motivation to become good again. The White Witch herself is the ultimate evil in this novel possessing only an understanding for the cruel, betraying, hateful and fearful qualities characteristics creatures can express. This in the end led to her final downfall.

2 responses to “Ideally It Would Always be Spring

  1. correction: I do think Edward is beneath them …..*

  2. I agree with most of the ordering of your characters, however I wouldn’t classify the girls better then peter. I do think Edward is superior to them because he is a sinner who then redeems himself. I would put Peter, Susan, and Lucy together then Edmund.
    Technically, if Alsan, representing God, is leading the fight, then how would Peter, a warrior for God, be considered lower then his sisters?

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