The Humbling of a Powerful Enemy

On Ged’s first encounter with the Lord of Re Albi’s daughter he seems to be easily swayed by her. It is very interesting because in the text it says that he finds her to be, “very ugly” (32 in my copy). Instead of being persuaded by her looks he is more persuaded by her actions. She constantly talks and he warms up to her and starts to tell her all about his tricks and the different things that he has done. He tells her of the great fog he brought over the warriors that were attacking his village and she wants him to tell her more. It is here in their conversation that I think it says the most about Ged at this point in his life. She asks him if he could conjure the dead and he says that he can. When she asks him if it is difficult and dangerous to do so he replies, “Difficult, yes. Dangerous?” (32 in my copy). Later in the story we learn that it is dangerous and it is his arrogant attitude that is shown here that later releases the shadow into his world. At this point in Ged’s life he thinks that he can do anything. His power that lies inside of him feels limitless and he loves to brag about what he can do, even if he hasn’t done it yet.

When Ged encounters the Lord of Re Albi’s daughter (who he now sees as beautiful) for the second time he has done the one thing he said that he could do. Ged found out for himself that it was indeed incredibly dangerous. The result from trying to resurrect the dead has brought about the most dangerous thing in Ged’s life. He tells the Lord’s daughter, “ I had power once, once. I have lost it, I think” (128 my copy). Instead of having the huge head that he had before regarding his powers, Ged has now been humbled greatly by the bringing about of the shadow. He does not believe in himself as much anymore.  He is ashamed that he has come in contact with his enemy, been defeated, and run away.

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  1. Great argument! This was a very humbling moment for Ged. It also shows his character development from the beginning of the story to the end. Overtime he began somewhat arrogant and sometimes careless about his powers but its moments like these when he more “down to earth.”

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