Ged’s encounter with the shadow

In the book, “Wizard of Earthsea”, Ged believes that the shadow can only be defeated by light. When Ogion observes that Ged is able to defeat not only magicians, but also dragons, he sees that Ged will be able to defeat the shadow. This is when he gives him advice, through which Ged sets out on his boat to find the shadow. While one this quest, he is unable to find the shadow, making him furious, which is when he says, “I am here, I Ged the Sparrowhawk, and I summon my shadow!” (134) The shadow appears and then starts to run away, while Ged follows it.

While following the shadow, Vetch and Ged end up in an island, where he approaches the shadow. “Ged reached out his hands, dropping hiss staff, and took hold of his shadow, of the black self that reached out to him.” (179) This is when both darkness and light had joined, meaning that Ged had neither won nor lost. Ged realizes that joining with the shadow had made him a man who can’t be controlled by any power other than him. Through the constant search of the shadow, he he learns from the consquences of his actions, and therefore acts upon them. Furthermore, Ged acknowledges his shadow by both of them joining and becoming one. Also, by doing so, Ged finally frees himself and learns to accept the shadow.

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  1. I see the significance of putting in your first quote however, you did not analyse it afterwards. After the quote you could say why the mention of his name is so important or how his assertion shows that he is courageous. You have great analysis after your second quote and throughout the rest of your blog.

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