Path of Dangers and Judgement

In the book “A Wizard of Earthsea”, Ged learns magic first in the beginning from his aunt and learns to weave on the goats. He also saves his village by casting fog over the entire village and run the enemies out. After Ged goes off to Roke, he starts to formally learn magic and even illusions. Once he starts to learn the basics of magic, Ged’s attitude starts to slowly change and becomes confident in himself. Ged knows that he is above others when it came to magic and being in the position where he was above others, made him more pompous. Even with the weather, Ged thought that he could stop the rain, the clouds, and bring out the sunshine if he wanted to, but does not realize that everything in the world is connected. Once someone changes one thing, it could lead to other dangerous doings. Ged thinks that even the world around him could be change to his standards and this thinking leads him to dangerous actions. His enemy, Jasper, continues to anger Ged and this leads him to prove his powers to Jasper, leading to dangers and chaos. Even from the beginning of the book, Ged brings back someone from the dead and darkness is let out in the room, and again, he decides to bring Elfarran back to life. This brought back a shadow that rushes towards Ged and attacks him, tearing him until he loses consciousness. He still remains alive with the help of Nemmerle, but with the consequence of him dying. Nemmerle gave up his life in order to save Ged, and he later realizes that due to his actions, someone else lost their life. Ged starts to mature later on after understanding the amount of power that he has and the dangers he brought onto Roke and his friends, moreover, himself.

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  1. You have great detail and description. The only suggestion I would give you would be to add a specific quote of him realizing that his powers have effects on the balance of the world. Good work 🙂

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