All you need is a little bit of Pixie Dust

Dust is also known as the Northern Lights. It is said to be a composition of storms that are charged particles and solar rays that have very extraordinary strength that cause a luminous radiation when they come into contact with the atmosphere. They give off the colors pale green and rose with a hint of crimson. Many people don’t know what it is and fear with while others are intrigued by it and try to figure out what it is; these people are called Dust Hunters. The dust is said to affect more adults than it does children and it starts to affect the person once they hit adolescence. Last class, we discussed the reason that it might not affect children is because they still have their own light of innocence and then it gets taken away when you grow up and start going through adolescence. Reading through the book, Lord Asriel explains to Lyra what Dust actually is. He explains dust as it being what is real in the world and everything around us. Children are way too young to understand what that means because they still have their innocence and don’t think anything bad can happen so they don’t have a full grasp on the world. Adults, on the other hand, know what it going on in the world and understand it so they can fall into temptation to do things that are wrong. They believe that it will cause more bad than good and want to get rid of it because it causes too much of a problem in humans. He parallels this by telling her the story of Adam and Eve and how dust is another name for original sin. Original sin was the fall of Adam and Eve when they listened to the serpent and ate from the Tree of Life. They gained knowledge of all around them and that caused their downfall to be kicked out of Paradise. The General Oblation Board is a board that is run by the people who are considered Gobblers and the head of it is Mrs. Coulter. In this board people steal children in order to cut their daemons because they believe that they free them of original sin. It is also known as an incision. The Catholic Church does this also to people who believe in Catholicism and give them a very special ceremony called Baptism. During Baptism, the child is assigned godparents who say their vows for them and promise that the child will keep said vows and they are bathed in holy water and stripped away from original sin that is given to them naturally because of Adam and Eve. When they are stripped away of this sin they are able to join God in heaven when it is time for them to leave earth. The same exact thing happens with the daemons, once they are cut from you, you are able to go into another world. At the end, Lord Asriel asks Lyra to come with him to the other world when he cuts Roger’s daemon. Lyra refuses and instead goes off to find the source of Dust.

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