A Hero

Throughout the novel, Harry Potter is portrayed as a hero. This is mostly because of the events surrounding his birth, as he was the only one to escape the curse from Voldemort. Due to the event, Harry became famous, and has been living up to his reputation. If he had never defeated Voldemort as a child, he would be a normal wizard attending Hogwarts. However, due to his accomplishment, he is treated differently, and therefore gets more help and support from others around him. He is the one to defeat the dementors, saving Sirius Black’s life. Earlier in the novel, before knowing Hermione’s secret, Harry believes that it is his dad who he saw that had saved both his life as well as Siruis Black’s. However, later on, “it hit him – he understood. He hadn’t seen his father – he had seen himself” (411). This portrays his heroic actions as he defeated the dementors with his courage and abilities. If it weren’t for Harry’s fame, he would most likely be a normal wizard, just as Hermione. Even though Hermione has more knowledge, she isn’t given as much of an importance as Harry due to his fame. Most of Harry’s heroic deeds are dependent on his assistance from his friends and elders who not only support him, but also go through most of the events with him. Furthermore, he shows his heroic actions through the sympathy and kindness he shows towards others.  Although he had the option of letting Peter Pettigrew die since he was a traitor, he decided not to do so, and instead decides that he wants him to be taken to Azkaban. Therefore, if it weren’t for the events surrounding his birth, his deeds would not be performed with such courage and assistance from others.

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