Is a he a true hero or is he faking?

Harry Potter, “the boy who lived” has always been considered someone who is higher above than regular people because he is the one who stopped Voldemort and weakened his powers.  Harry was only a baby and he was able to do this while adult wizards with education about magic and experience could not even stop Voldemort.  Because of that he is considered a hero, but it is not just this reason alone that he is considered a hero.  He has been very strong and determined throughout his young wizard career.  He is able to stand up and fight.  In the first book, he battled Voldemort and in the second one, he fought Tom Riddle, the Basilisk, and even destroyed one of the holcruxes.  Then, in this book he is able to take on an Expecto patronum charm which is very advanced magic to defeat dementors.   One can be born with hero characteristics, which Harry clearly inherited from his parents, but one cannot be a hero unless they set out to change the injustice instead of just letting it come to them.  Harry could have let Voldemort come to him or just let Voldemort kill but he was committed to fighting Voldemort.  This was partly to avenge his parents; and this seems the motive for a lot of what Harry does throughout the books, but he still wants to stop Voldemort because Voldemort is wrong and evil.  Harry has the characteristics needed of a hero.  He is strong, he is capable of being a leader, he is determined, strong-willed, and passionate.  Harry cares a lot about his friends, his teachers, and Hogwarts and he would do whatever he could to protect them.  This is evident throughout all the books where we see Harry put himself on the line to fight.  In the fifth book, he builds an army to fight Voldemort after he rose again in the graveyard during the Triwizard Tournament.  Harry is sometimes a little naïve and goes out looking for Voldemort but this is not always the case.  He was innocent at first but as he progressed through his years at Hogwarts, he started becoming more daring and finally sets out and does kill Voldemort in the end.  Harry has all the traits of being a hero, he is a true hero.

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