Charlie a hero or just Lucky?

Charlie in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a small boy that is terribly poor.  His whole journey in Willie Wonka’s world begins when his Grandpa Joe tells him stories about Wonka.  After some days Charlie and his family hear news that the Wonka factory will be opened to only five kids and their guardians. It was all luck that Charlie found the dollar that bought him the chocolate with the golden ticket.  Charlie’s competitors all had vices.  They were all spoiled children and Dahl made them “bad”.  Charlie was poor and had nothing.  This made him modest to everything given to him.  Thorough out the book Charlie didn’t do anything.  With that it can be said that since he didn’t do anything, he was doing something.  He wasn’t making a scene to get what he wanted.. The only thing he wanted was to experience this opportunity with his grandfather, and they were already doing that.  Charlie is a hero to two different situations. Charlie is a hero to Willie Wonka. The whole reason why Wonka sent out the tickets was to find a successor to his chocolate factory.  Wonka wanted a child to be the next to run his factory so that he could teach the child all his secrets and when his successor has grown up, he still has the mind of a child.  Because he was so modest and has no vices, Charlie would not be corrupted later on in life.  He wouldn’t sell the company just for the money, he wouldn’t be distracted, or he wouldn’t abuse the power he was given.  Charlie would be like Wonka if not better for the factory.  Charlie was also a hero to his family.  Mr. Bucket, Charlie’s father, had just lost his job and was making less money than before.  The family was struggling more than they were before.  When Charlie came home with the golden ticket it was like a miracle.  We then see the family again when Wonka crashes into the house with Grandpa Joe and Charlie, into the Buckets home.  They were giving the family the good news that they were no longer going to be poor.  Charlie was a hero to Wonka and the Buckets, but the whole things started with a bit of luck.

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