How the dwarves from The Hobbit and the dwarves from Witches Abroad differ


There are many differences between Tolkien’s representation of dwarves in The Hobbit and the representation of dwarves in Witches Abroad.  A big difference that stands out between the dwarves in The Hobbit and the dwarves in Witches Abroad is freedom.  In The Hobbit the dwarves just showed up at Bilbo’s home to try and persuade him to go on an adventure with them.  The dwarves had a choice of whether or not to go on the adventure, they weren’t forced to do anything.   In Witches Abroad the dwarves were treated more as servants, even though it seems as if they chose this life for themselves.  When the witches arrived at the disaster site dozens of dwarfs were working feverishly to prop the cracked roof and cart away the debris, some were even in tears.  This shows how hard they are forced to work.  As they arrived to the site of the boat, they took a large basket off of an attendant dwarf that was packed with food.  You can see how they were carelessly treated by the King.

The dwarves from The Hobbit were also very rood.  When the dwarves started to arrive at Bilbo’s place, they just came in as if they were being expected.  “…and he too hopped inside as soon as the door was open, just as if he had been invited.”  On the other hand, the dwarves from Witches Abroad were much more caring and proper.  Granny Weatherwax was impressed by the dwarves.  She said that you didn’t often see proper dwarf halls in those days.  Most dwarfs were off earning money in the cities down in the lowlands, where it was much easier to be a dwarf.  And for one thing, you didn’t have to spend most of your time underground hitting your thumb with a hammer and worrying fluctuations in the international metal markets.

The dwarves from Witches Abroad also seemed to have been gifted with some sort of magical powers.  When Granny Weatherwax was going through the basket of food she came across a small packet of food.  “That’s the famous dwarf bread, that is.  They don’t give that to just anyone…they say it never goes stale even if you stores it for years,” said Granny.  Nanny Ogg also added that it can keep you going for days.  When Magrat went to go and eat it, she couldn’t even break a piece off.  Then Granny mentioned that it’s more for sort of keeping you going.  Which means that you don’t have to actually eat the food to keep yourself going.


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