White Witch’s Wellspring

Of Terry Pratchette’s many references to famous fairy tales and fantasy stories in Witches Abroad, the comparison between Lilith and the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia is one that is not as clearly stated such as comparisons to the story of Cinderella. In the Chronicles of Narnia, it is said that Lilith is the mother of the White Witch. Through Pratchette’s character Lilith, he expands on the characteristics of Lilith from the Chronicles of Narnia, thus making connections to C.S. Lewis’s White Witch and alluding to why her characteristics were greedy, manipulative, and oppressive. One specific characteristic that is very evident between both Lilith from Witches Abroad and the White Witch is that both hold a facade that they are kind and out to perform acts for the greater good, but in fact, their actions are misleading and destructive. The White Witch was able to lure Edmund into bringing his siblings to Narnia by offering him Turkish delight and hot cocoa infused with her dark magic, while Lilith becomes the power behind the throne of Genua by becoming heavily involved with narrative magic and using mirrors to boost her power. “‘Her who’s behind all this,’ said Mrs. Gogol. Ogg. I mean her. Her with her mirror magic. Her who likes to control. Her who’s in charge” (Pratchett 225). Just like the similarities between their oppressive actions, they both were equally punished by some form of magic. The White Witch was defeated by her ignorance, for she did not know of the deeper magic that goes back beyond the dawn of time; therefore, Aslan was born again, and made haste to defeat the White Witch. In the mirror universe, Lilith and Granny are confronted by endless reflections. Death tells them that they are both alive and dead, and can only escape when they find the one version of themselves that is real. Granny looks down at herself and simply says,”This one” (Pratchett 344). Lilith, whose whole life has consisted of reflections, is unable to choose and is doomed to spend the rest of time imprisoned in a dimension of mirrors, and has not been seen since.
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