Nanny Ogg vs. Granny Weatherwax

­Granny Weatherwax is obviously the more assertive character and casts a shadow of the more levelheaded Nanny Ogg, but Nanny’s powers are not to be overlooked. Granny is stubborn, formidable, and more than forthright about her opinions. Many seek out Granny’s advice when necessary but more often people seek Nanny’s advice because she is the more friendly and motherly character. Granny Weatherwax is a more intimidating figure because of her outgoing nature, but Nanny makes people feel at ease because she is wise yet soft spoken. Nanny appears to be fine with Granny’s reputation as the greatest witch in Discworld whereas if the roles were reversed, Granny would be jealous and petty about Nanny’s higher social status. Granny Weatherwax is as traditional as it gets in Discworld, and resides in a stereotypical witch’s cottage. Nanny on the other hand, lives in a more modern town house full of various trinkets she collects.

Nanny and Granny both aid Magrat on her journey to Genua and in fulfilling her Fairy Godmother duties. They fully come together as a team to fight Lilith as she tries to create a perfect “happily ever after” for Ella. Nanny employs her wit by getting the coachmen drunk so they cannot take Ella to the ball and also speeds up time to the spell wears off Magrat faster. In the final scene with Lilith and the mirrors, Granny proves her wisdom when she is able to find her true reflection and trap Lilith in the mirror. Although Granny got the credit for trapping Lilith, this would not have been possible without the aid of Nanny Ogg.

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