Nothing Is As It Always Seems

Fairy Godmothers, like in Cinderella, are seen as kind both inside and out. They want to make your dreams come true so that you can live a happier life. Prachett takes a whole new spin on his fairy godmother in the novel. He makes the fairy godmother out to be the villain. Lilith, also known as Lily Weatherwax, plays the villain fairy godmother. The White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia is like Lilith because she wants to make a happy ending out of what she wants and will do anything in her power to get it accomplished.

The White Witch and Lilith compare in many ways. They use their power of deceptiveness to their advantage. Lilth acts all nice and sweet but underneath all that she is really trying to make everyone else around her miserable. She turns drunken “naughty” men into horses and mice because she doesn’t approve of it. She goes about this by telling Ella, “You better bring in those naughty men who let themselves get so drunk. That’s not respectful. And if you haven’t go respect, you haven’t gotten anything” (Prachett 249). The White Witch in parallel turns people that she doesn’t approve of into stone and keeps them all in her castle for eternity. Another parallel is how Lilth tracts everyone by looking at them through reflections by keeping a close eye on them while the White Witch has spies set out through all of Narnia such as trees, woodland creatures, and other dark creatures that are on her side. They do this because they are trying to stop anyone from getting in the way of their power. The people in their kingdom don’t really even like them but like in most cases people are too scared to stand up for themselves so they keep quiet because they are scared of the consequences.

The White Witch causes a Hundred Year Winter while Lilth is living her life through stories and that is how she is trying to take over and become all powerful. They are both very powerful people in the novels but they both end up failing in their tasks to of actually being all-powerful. The White Witch ends up being defeated by Aslan in the Great War that ended her reign and Lilth is placed in a place with endless mirrors trying to find her true self but she is unable to complete that task. Unlike normal fairytales, the fairy godmother is seen in a bad light and punished for all eternity for her bad actions in trying to find her form of happiness through stories.

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  1. You made great comparisons between Narnia’s White Witch and the villainous Lilith from Witches Abroad. Your last sentence of your first paragraph says they are both trying to have a happy ending but perhaps you should define their happy ending as them resulting in absolute power in the end. The White isn’t trying to force happiness upon anyone. Also, you mention how Lilith is not the typical fairy godmother which is a valid argument but strains away from the topic of your blog. Other then that awesome job

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