Mirror Mirror

People around the world have many different thoughts on mirrors. Pratchett uses different cultures to tell of different myths on mirrors. In Witches Abroad, some believe that mirrors can steal your soul. People also believe that there are other universes inside mirrors. For some characters in the story, mirrors and reflections are a way to gain power, but also a way of seeing things. Reflections can show qualities, or things that people don’t normally see in themselves or the world, which can either be a good, or bad thing.
In the beginning of the story, it is said that “a mirror can suck up a piece of soul”(5). Pratchett is saying that someone who is always in the mirror, or in front of cameras, always staring at their reflection will have a piece of their soul taken because they are too vain and their souls don’t seem to have any good qualities. The mirrors in this story seem to be portrayed in mostly evil ways. Lady Lilith de Tempscire used the mirrors to try and gain more power. It is described that “She could feel herself pouring into herself, multiplying itself via the endless reflections”(14). She thought that if she were to look into two mirrors, that her reflections would just bounce off of one another, giving her more power. She thought she would gain a new quality within her soul rather than lose it. She also used the mirrors to scan the world. This gave her more power because she was able to see anything and anyone from any reflection. They help Lilith see what’s going on and she wants to change the world into her own fairy tale.
The mirror and reflections in this story are similar to the mirror in Snow White, in that the evil Queen was vain, and looked into her mirror everyday asking who is the fairest of them all. The Queen used the mirrors to hear what she wanted to hear, while Lilith used the mirrors to get what she always wanted which is power from becoming greedy. Another fairy tale that uses mirrors for the same purpose that Lilith had, is Beauty and the Beast. Beauty used the mirror to see her father and sisters and how they were doing.
Lilith was trying to find out everything about the world by using the mirrors, but using it for her own advantage. In the end it could be something that could come back to hurt her. For now, the mirrors are giving her power that only a few can manage if they know how to use mirrors the right way. A mirror is a way of seeing into ones soul, Lilith looks more at what others are doing than at herself, and one day Lilith might not like what she sees if she truly looks into the mirror.


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