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The Makings of a True Hero

In the book, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, Harry is portrayed as the “hero” continuously and “the boy who lived” against Voldemort. Harry Potter is known as the hero in this text because from birth, he lived when Voldemort was trying to kill him and this was known throughout Hogwarts and the whole wizarding world. But the question is if he was considered a hero from birth or from what his deeds to protect everyone in the secondary world. James Potter, Harry’s father, was a well-known seeker for Hogwarts and lived up to his name, but because of this, Harry has to live up to his father’s name. His deeds also led him to be known as a hero because of what happened to him in the past and his special characteristics, including speaking snake language; he confronts dangers and near-death experiences. Outside of his reputation as James Potter’s son, he stands up courageously to defeat his enemies. The Dursleys were also his enemies because they treated him with cruelty and on page 16-17, Aunt Marge, who despised Harry, stayed over with the Dursleys for a week and forced Harry to blow her up because of the way she talked about his parents. He fought against his dangerous enemies such as the dementors, Peter Pettigrew, and Professor Snape, helped him to grow stronger as a wizard by learning new spells, such as expect patrolum and riddikulus. His deeds also led him to be known as a hero because of what happened to him in the past and his special characteristics, including speaking snake language; he confronts dangers and near-death experiences. On pages 162-163, Harry Potter and his friends find out that Scabbers, Ron’s rat, is actually Peter Pettigrew and that Sirius Black is actually his godfather that was trying to help Harry. Harry also saves Sirius and himself when the dementors came to give them a kiss, and using the spell that Lupin had taught him, he casts the dementors away, saving them. Throughout the book, Harry saves and risks his own life in order to save others and through these kinds of acts, he is proudly known as a hero.

Path of Dangers and Judgement

In the book “A Wizard of Earthsea”, Ged learns magic first in the beginning from his aunt and learns to weave on the goats. He also saves his village by casting fog over the entire village and run the enemies out. After Ged goes off to Roke, he starts to formally learn magic and even illusions. Once he starts to learn the basics of magic, Ged’s attitude starts to slowly change and becomes confident in himself. Ged knows that he is above others when it came to magic and being in the position where he was above others, made him more pompous. Even with the weather, Ged thought that he could stop the rain, the clouds, and bring out the sunshine if he wanted to, but does not realize that everything in the world is connected. Once someone changes one thing, it could lead to other dangerous doings. Ged thinks that even the world around him could be change to his standards and this thinking leads him to dangerous actions. His enemy, Jasper, continues to anger Ged and this leads him to prove his powers to Jasper, leading to dangers and chaos. Even from the beginning of the book, Ged brings back someone from the dead and darkness is let out in the room, and again, he decides to bring Elfarran back to life. This brought back a shadow that rushes towards Ged and attacks him, tearing him until he loses consciousness. He still remains alive with the help of Nemmerle, but with the consequence of him dying. Nemmerle gave up his life in order to save Ged, and he later realizes that due to his actions, someone else lost their life. Ged starts to mature later on after understanding the amount of power that he has and the dangers he brought onto Roke and his friends, moreover, himself.

Hansel and Gretel Rewarded

In the story “Hansel and Gretel” by Brothers Grimm, the children are abandoned by their parents twice, and each time they would appeal to God reassuring themselves that God would protect them. The true act of courage and ingenuity that the children was able to build up was because of the power of God.

In the biblical stories, God gave wisdom to Moses and was able to split the Red Sea and lead His people across and even in this fairy tale, God gave wisdom to Hansel and Gretel, allowing them to overcome dangers with their step-mother and the evil witch. As a child, one is not able to use their wits to the point of saving their lives because the minds function slowly and increase as they become older. The power of God allowed these kids to come back to their house the first time and defeat the witch of her evil scheme. Hansel, the brother, thought of ideas to be safe with her younger sister and each time, he would advise that “the Lord will protect us” (186). The Lord is referred to God and this reassures Gretel that they would be safe as long as they believed.

Coloration was also included in this fairy tale that hinted on the acts of God. Each time the two siblings are led out into the forest, Gretel says “I’m looking at my white kitten, which is sitting on the roof trying to bid me farewell” and “I’m looking at my little dove, the one sitting on the roof and trying to bid me farewell” (185-186) implying the color white, which associates to God. These invisible animals suggests that God may not be seen, but He will always watch over them. Even as they were lost in the forest, a beautiful bird, white as snow, perched on a branch and led them to a house made of sugars (187) and a white duck helped Hansel and Gretel to cross a large body of water (189). Throughout the story, the use of white is shown through animals as seen in the biblical reference of Jonah because he was able to live through the storm when a whale swallowed him up by the commands of God.

The knowledge of Hansel and Gretel and the safe return to their homes with jewels and pearls were rewarded to the kids and also punished the evil step-mother and the witch through death. The works of Satan was evident through the step-mother as well as the witch as they tried to rid of the children by abandoning them and also by trying to eat them. Evidence of support from God was shown throughout the fairy tale and showed how God can give good gifts to those who believe in Him. The strong belief of God helped the siblings to be free from Satan’s evil works and earn big rewards, giving them wisdom, wealth, and happiness.