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Lord Azriel: Good or Bad?

While reading The Golden Compass, you would think Lord Azriel is out to save Lyra and become a true hero.  When coming to the end of the story, it turns out he is a type of villian as well.  The topic of Lord Azriel is opinionated but he does make certain decisions that make him an anti-hero but a villian at the same time.  While captured, he does try and find out a way to destroy Dust.  When Iorek defeats Iofur, Lord Azriel is released.  Lyra then explains to Lord Azriel that she knows he is her father.  While she is telling this information, he does not seem to get in depth with her about the subject.  His mind is on defeating the Dust at this point.

When Iorek takes Lyra to the frozen mountaintop, Lord Azriel is trying to destroy Roger’s daemon.  He thinks this will help terminate Dust.  At this point, I find Lord Azriel to be a villian.  Destroying daemons is what the Gobblers had done the whole story.  It makes an impression to show Lord Azriel did not care if children were dying with their daemons.  He does try and finish the Dust and kill the madness but in a way, Roger is not the way to do it.  Lyra cares about Roger and if she is your daughter, he does not need to take the fault.  Lord Azriel seems to be a villian but if stepping into the new world helps kill the Dust, Lyra must think he is going into the right direction by following him.

Treasure and Wealth: The main priority

Treasure and wealth is the main focus in “The Hobbit”.  It is what the voyage and adventure is for.  Gandalf wanted Bilbo to become the burglar and he does just that.  In fact, Bilbo does do what he is assigned but does not care for the treasure as much as others.  The dwarves are after the treasure from Smaug.  As well as Thorin’s relatives, the goblins, Wargs, and man.  Thorin believes it belongs to him because it was in the family until Smaug killed Thror.  The goblins and Wargs want the treasure to become wealthy.  It becomes so significant to them, they end up fighting for the treasure once they hear Smaug has been killed by Bard of Lake Town.  Bard has wanted the treasure and wants an agreement with Thorin to share it.  Since Thorin does not accept the offer, Bilbo decides to give the Arkenstone to Bard.

Since Bilbo was rewarded with his fair share, he decided to take what Thorin wanted the most.  This is an act where one of the characters stays immune to the treasure.  Bilbo shows how it is not of importance to him when he gives the Arkenstone away.  Once the Battle of Five Armies is over, Bilbo is then granted treasure from Bard.  Gandalf is also another character who shows no affection towards the treasure.  He fights off the Necromancer in order for him to not enter the forest and give the dwarves a higher chance in receiving the treausure.  Beorn also does not care for any wealth.  Since he is great friends with Gandalf, he knows what the dwarves are in search for.  He does help in many ways, like Gandalf but does not ask for any of the gold.  The same goes for the eagles who helped throughout the novel in order for the dwarves to be safe.  They played the key role in helping kill the goblins and Wargs but had never asked for any wealth.

Smaug did have the treasure and was in control of it.  It does not seem to be beneficial in the end though for the dwarves once they receive it.  In one of the harmful ways, the dwarves lose dear friends.  Fili, Kili, and Thorin all die from the fight with the goblins and Wargs.  In the end, it was not as beneficial as the dwarves had hoped.  They did not expect on losing anyone on the voyage and Thorin was their main leader.  Even though Thorin did take the treasure out of Smaug’s possession, he did not insist on dying.  He fought for what he thought would be beneficial but turned out to be not so much for himself.

Heroes compared but be prepared.

To begin the comparison of the two different stories, I think the morals matter the most because of the curiosity of the women. I know, since it is a fairy tale there has to be heroes but if the women in both stories decided to listen at the beginning instead of satisfying themselves in finding out what was going on in the hidden room, there would not need to be a hero.

Like most happy endings though, someone comes to save the day.

Bluebeard made sure to satisfy his women with whatever pleasures they insisted. His only problem was to not to go into the forbidden chamber. The younger of the two sisters in the story decided to go inside the room while Bluebeard was gone. After dropping the key and creating a blood stain on it, he knew where she had been. He gave her fifteen minutes to say her prayers before death but instead she asked Sister Anne where her brothers were and if they were on their way. Finally after a while, Sister Anne  spotted the two horsemen. Once Bluebeard was ready to chop her head off, the brothers barged in and put their swords through Bluebeard before he could do the same to their sister. The brothers of Bluebeard’s wife became the heroes in the story quickly.

The comparison of Fitcher’s Bird comes into play when a sorcerer decides to try and find a wife of his own. Once again, sisters come into play. All three are stubborn and the first two end up getting chopped up because they entered the sorcerer’s forbidden room. Even though the curiosity got the better of the last sister, she was much more clever. She decided to put the egg in a safe place before entering the room to see her sisters had been chopped up. Gathering all the body parts, the two others came back to life. Once the sorcerer returned home he was asked to go back out. Little did he know he was carrying the sisters with him. While a decorated skull was in the window, he thought it was his wife of course. He came home again, thinking nothing of it but was burnt to death along with his crew by the brothers of the three sisters.

In these two stories, the brothers play a major role in becoming the heroes. They save their sister’s lives and are even rewarded in Bluebeard with commission. We do not find much out about the brothers in Fitcher’s Bird but they still come in and become heroines while we know the two in Bluebeard are a musketeer and a dragoon. It shows a moral to take care of your siblings and know matter if you find it being a bad decision on their part or not, you still have to be supportive and make the right decision for your family at the end of the day. Maybe you’ll become a hero.